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Building software companies since 2005.

"I teach doctors to make software companies without raising money" - Ian Sharp PhD

If you're a doctor with an idea for a tech company, but don't know how to make it reality yet, I will show you how.

My personal guarantee:

If you are accepted into my program and:

  • take my online class
  • give 1 hour, 3 times a week
  • complete all the practice work
  • give 100%
  • and schedule weekly office hours

then, in 1 year or less, you will have the software company you've envisioned. This is my offer and personal guarantee, exclusively for students of Doctors in Tech™.

With my helping hand, you can be 100% responsible for the success of your tech company without waiting in line to:

  • raise capital
  • pay someone else
  • fork over ownership
If this is the right time in your life to start a new challenge apply now for your free consult with me, Dr. Sharp, to see if qualify for enrollment.

If you are a unicorn, with software ready to go, and you're ready to earn money with predictability, schedule a free case study to see if my proprietary digital marketing and sales platform is the right solution for you.

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Dr. Sharp and his staff operate Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern Time.
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