About Dr. Sharp

the founder of DOCTORS IN TECH ®

With nothing but the shirt on his back and a suitcase in hand, as an undergraduate, Dr. Sharp created biomedical software for the John A. Burns School of Medicine. His software did not generate revenue.

Dr. Sharp was then admitted to study neurological engineering at the University of Illinois. While earning his PhD, Dr. Sharp created the world's most advanced virtual reality robotic rehabilitation system. His system is still used to this day to research, assess and augment motor control in the impaired human nervous system. Medicare would not reimburse treatment. The system he invented generated no revenue.

After graduating in the recession of 2008, again unable to earn revenue from the software he invented, and after being shown little future in biomedical academia, he needed to find another way. Being fortunate, Dr. Sharp found himself consulting with the UK's most successful software company - Autonomy

With Autonomy, Dr. Sharp further refined specialization in human-machine interaction, harnessing big data and AI in business applications. Dr. Sharp serviced tier 1 clients including:

Over the years, Dr. Sharp created, consulted for, founded, co-founded, performed managment consulting and turned around several tech startups - most of which, even when successful, ultimately went nowhere, including:

Finally a tech-turnaround for pricing used cars, led to a software company acquisition, with the parent company valued at valued at $1.5 billion USD.

Dr. Sharp continues to teach doctors how to create software companies without raising capital to avoid some of the pitfalls that have destroyed his previously successful software companies.

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